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UMSC Girls Challenge Cup 2019


Age Groups: Girls U13 – U18

Event Date: August 24/25 2019

Registered Teams: (updated June 11, 2019)

U13 (2006)

U14 (2005)

UMSC Strikers RED

Kitchener Spirit

UMSC Strikers RED

U15 (2004)

U16 (2003)

UMSC Strikers RED

Vaughan Azzurri Corinthians

Hamilton Sparta FC

UMSC Strikers RED

Cambridge United

U17 (2002)

U18 (2001)

UMSC Strikers RED

Strathroy United FC Lazers

UMSC Strikers RED


Team Entry Deadlines & Fees:

Entry Fee: $350

Deadline: Friday July 26, 2019

Late entry fee after July 26th deadline: $400


Club Mailing Address:

UMSC, 4630 Highway 7, PO Box 64548, Markham, ON, L3R 0M9

Entry Fees may be mailed to the club up to July 26, 2019