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UMSC NextGen Transition Update

The Club, as shared in the 2022 AGM, has initiated a transformation of its management structure to align to Ontario and Canada governing bodies direction. In particular, this alignment is to provide for a Board fully focused on Strategic Objectives, while an Executive Committee will execute the strategy through management of club operations. 

  • A new Constitution was reviewed and approved during this past AGM. This included a new set of Board and Executive committee roles with their mandate defined and further reflected in the Club By-Laws. 

  • You can find on our website 

    • Our new VISION, MISSION and VALUES statements at:



The new Constitution on our website at: link to Constitution: 



Over the past months since the November 2022 AGM, a Transition Committee has been working on transforming the previous Board members into the new roles and in alignment to the Governing Bodies guidelines.  We are now delighted to announce the new Board and Executive Committee.
    • UMSC Board members:

      • President: Richard Herold

      • Secretary: Jacinta Kwok

      • VP Competitive: Cecile Corso

      • VP Recreational: Gunther Rathgeb

      • Treasurer: Nick Hui

      • Director Grow Membership and Expansion: Gunther Rathgeb

      • Director Align to Governing Bodies Guidelines: Cecile Corso

      • Director Increase Sources of Funding: Nick Hui

      • Director Branding and Marketing: Natasha Whyte

      • Director Discipline and Ethics: Cyrus Hojiati

    • UMSC Executive Committee:

      • Program Directors: Nick Hui, Natasha Whyte, Gunther Rathgeb

  • Our Honorary Life Member and previous Board Member Manjit Sidhu came out of retirement in 2013 and stepped into the role of VP Finance a second time to help turn the Club finances around.  At the AGM for year ending Sep 30 2023 Manjit will retire from the UMSC Board.  UMSC would like to acknowledge and thank Manjit for his invaluable contributions and support over the past 20+ years.

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UMSC Soccer Day

From left to right, Cecile Corso, VP Competitive, Natasha Whyte, Program Director, Richard Herold, President, Manjit Sidhu, VP Finance, Gunther Rathgeb, VP Recreational, Jacinta Kwok, Secretary

  • As we continue our transition to our new structure, we are looking for candidates to the volunteer positions of 

    • Director and Board Member to lead strategic initiatives ranging from Excelling in Quality and Service, Increasing Community Value, Alternate Source of Funding, to Defining our NextGen Facilities 

    • Executive Committee Program Director to oversee the club strategy execution and the management of club operations

  • If you are interested in getting involved in the club management in any of the position described above, please contact our volunteer and Transition Chair: Christian Corso at 416-708-2037 christian.Corso@u-msc.com