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UMSC YouTube Channel

Dear Unionville-Milliken SC Athletes & Parents,

First, thank you for being vigilant by staying home, washing your hands and not touching your face, and being isolated during these trying times. Your continued vigilance will help flatten the curve, provide our front line heroes time to care for those already sick with COVID-19 and hopefully keep you and your family and friends safe.
Soccer may be temporarily on hold in terms of field and classroom work, but we are encouraging everyone to keep their touches up - in your apartment, home, outdoor space that is not with other people. Our Technical Staff, Coach Filipe, Coach Paul, and Trainer Asa have put together a YouTube Channel to help you with your Home Training and encourage you to subscribe to the channel and get notifications.

The Unionville-Milliken SC Home Training Chanel will be for all levels of soccer -
• L1O Athletes
• OPDL Athletes
• CSL Athletes
• District Athletes
• Special Olympic Athletes
• Recreational Athletes
• High-5 All Abilities Athletes

Please subscribe here:

We will also be sharing YOUR videos, and encourage you to document YOUR training.

Our return to the field maybe temporarily on hold, but when we do return, we want everyone to be in top form.

Please continue to be vigilant in all aspects of fighting COVID-19.
Warm regards,

Keith Richardson, Club Manager
Unionville Milliken Soccer Club
on behalf of the
Board of Directors
Unionville-Milliken Soccer Club