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Soccer Coach (8 Week Contract Position)

Tasks and Responsibilities

The soccer coach (trainer) will learn and prepare lessons/skills for individual players and teams as instructed by the Club Head Trainer. The coach will pick up equipment and set up training playing fields, nets, cones, balls etc.

 The coach will meet players, conduct warm up exercises, demonstrate and teach skills and teach safe play practices. The coach will also teach playing as a team member skills to the players.

 At end of session the coach will rate the session, clear up equipment and return to club. The coach will also report the progress of the players to the Club Head Trainer and any issues encountered during the training session.

 Students enrolled in sports management, sports coaching, kinesiology, physical fitness or similar courses will benefit from this job. The job will provide on-the-job hands on experience in learning and providing training to participants in a variety of age groups and skill levels. It will provide opportunity for the students to learn from professionals with many years of experience.

Please send resumes to info@u-msc.com