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Referee Information:

UMSC recognizes and values our referees! Without our amazing referees there would be no games and we rely heavily on them in our outdoor and indoor seasons. 
If you are looking to become a referee, Unionville Milliken Soccer Club hosts an Entry Level Referee Course in the spring for those aged 14+ and a Small Sided Game Course for those 12+ looking to become a referee. We will post these courses on our website, Facebook page as well as Twitter.
UMSC's Club Head Referee is Henry Helou, a respected referee who also mentors and supports referees at UMSC. Henry can be reached at: info@u-msc.com
Understanding Referee Grading:
Here is a link to the OSA's 2016 Grading Protocol: http://www.yrsa.ca/pdf/Referees/2016_OSA_Referee_Grading_Protocol_Final.pdf 

Upgrading Programs: https://www.ontariosoccer.net/upgrading-programs 

Resource Tools for Game Officials:

Many game officials have questions on how long a game should be and what rules apply. We encourage you to review the following Matrix's provided by the Ontario Soccer Association.

Outdoor - Development Matrix U8 - U12: https://cdn1.sportngin.com/attachments/document/0112/8096/Development_MATRIX_Outdoor_Feb132018.pdf?_ga=2.45833508.1810320408.1559063743-439111909.1559063743

Outdoor - Recreational Matrix U4 - U12:

Indoor - Development Matrix for U8 - U12: https://cdn3.sportngin.com/attachments/document/0112/8099/Development_MATRIX_Indoor_Feb132018.pdf?_ga=2.126284173.1810320408.1559063743-439111909.1559063743

Indoor - Recreational Matrix for U4 - U12: https://cdn4.sportngin.com/attachments/document/0112/8097/Recreational_MATRIX_Indoor_Feb272018.pdf?_ga=2.126284173.1810320408.1559063743-439111909.1559063743

LAWS OF THE GAME: https://www.ontariosoccer.net/referee-rules

UMSC uses the Retreat Line for all 5v5, 7v7, 9v9 small sided games.

Game officials, please follow the following for the Retreat Line:


UMSC is proud to be the City of Markham's Soccer Experts