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Women's Outdoor Adult House League

Unionville-Milliken Soccer Club is excited for our Women's Outdoor 2017 Season and invites you to join as an individual or as a team! Information can be found below.

Program Details:

  •    League for women aged 18+ (born 1998 or earlier)
  •    Game times:   Friday evenings (all games will be played from 7 pm - 9 pm)
  •    Start date:   Friday May 26
  •    Final date:   Friday September 29
  •    Location:   Milliken Mills or Angus Glen fields
  •    Number of games:   16
  •    Jersey is included in registration


Game Format:

  •    2 x 45 minute halves
  •    11 v 11 (including keeper)
  •    Minimum of 18 players on a team with a maximum of 23
  •    Team captains can cap team registration once 18 players have been registered


Individual Registration details:

  •    $220- Early bird fee until March 31, 2017
  •    $255 - Regular fee from April 1 to April 15
  •    $290 - Late fee from April 16 on wards


Team Registration details:

  •    $3500 per team, paid to the club by team captain or manager
    •    Team captains are responsible for collecting fees from their own team
  •    Teams must be submitted to the office by April 15
  •    A $500 deposit is required and will be refunded once all players have registered
  •    After 18 players have registered, the cost per additional player up to 23 players is $50.00
  •    Team captains or managers will invite players to join their team
    •    Players must accept invitations to be registered


Registration Discounts:

  •    All players who register to play only as a goalie are eligible for a discount
    •    Goalies will receive a $20 discount off either the early bird or regular fee
    •    If the goalie decides to play outside, the balance of a full registration must be paid
  •    All players who register for an additional adult house league program are eligible for a $25.00 discount for a second registration
  •    Please contact the UMSC office at 905-477-5425 or at umsc.customerservice@gmail.com to receive the discounts


Click here to register!


For more information contact the UMSC office at 905-477-5425 or umsc.customerservice@gmail.com